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Re: getting clean live loops - technique

> Greetings fellow loopers, this is my first post and I have a question 
> regarding looping technique.  I use the LP1.  When I was learning to 
> loop (on my DL4) I was consistently cutting off the beginning of my 
> loops, resulting in a slightly shortened sound on the first beat of the 
> loop and sometimes even a pop/click sound (but still on beat)

>  Do I just need to practice more?  


> Are there other people that use my technique of starting the loop on a 
> beat other than the 1?  Any info would be appreciated.  I apologize if 
> this has been covered but it did not come up in my searches.

I do this if I think it better preserves the intended rhythmic feel,
and then trigger the loop "early" for the more complex arrangements.
(also, I use a similar technique on the rare occasions that I midi control
  my lex JamMan, as it responds quite slowly ) 

I think Zoe Keating commonly starts loops on the upbeat (Zoe?)

...but as you're probably realizing, you just need to practice recording 
and teach your foot to work a bit faster.
I don't know if the LP1 allows you to instantly wipe a loop and record a 
new one 
like the edp does, but that's the best way.
Just keep re-recording over and over again till it starts working for you.

Oh, and make sure you're not using a midi-controller that has latency.

hope that helps somewhat

andy butler