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DJ techniques in live looping (Re: video on loop turntablism)


Thanks for posting this. The Xponent looks very cool! Nice video
presentation BTW, it seems easy to work the thing. And it seems to
hook up nicely with flyloops. I'm afraid the Xponent is not very
suitable for me though, since I like to play different instruments
while looping live and that keeps my hands quite occupied.

Regarding scratching and turnrtablism I've actually seen a lot of that
on this list. But most people use other physical control surfaces than
"stuff that looks like hand controlled vinyl turntables". I think the
most popular interfaces among musician loopists is the expression
style foot pedal. I my looping setup I also duplicate foot pedal
scratching with hand knobs to twist. Anther DJ technique I'm relying
on in looping is the crossover mixer. I keep pre defined fades as
scripts to be launched but pedal/button presses (can't take my hands
off the instruments for too long you know) but in the EDP it's
implemented as a direct jump between two loops - I think even with the
option of arriving at sync point related to the other loop which is in
praxis the same thing as having two beatsynced turntables going and
quickly crossfading between them.

The typical DJ filtering (punching in and out different slices of the
frequency range) is something I use in other contexts and have been
missing with my live looping rig (laptop running Mobius hosted in
Bidule) but I just found a new VST plug-in that may finally help me


It's Windows only and seems very good for what it is. A lot of digital
looping gear (laptop dependent as well as hardware hosted) lack the
option of filtering so I guess this free VST plug-in will come in
handy for many loopists.


On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 2:37 AM, aaronleese@flyloops.com
<aaronleese@flyloops.com> wrote:
> Though I have been told that turntablism is just a passing curiosity to 
> of the people on this list ..... I though I would post this anyway since 
> makes me super happy.
> I just got an MAUDIO Xponent ...... one of several midi devices to have 
> out recently for DJs .... it is meant to model a typical DJ setup ..... 
> is, two turntables and a crossfader, among other things.
> I was excited to try using it with my own software, and very excited 
>when it
> worked right away (that never happens in the computer programming 
> ..... so it was a nice thrill to not have to rewrite a bunch of code).
> Anyway, I have been very happy with the results and loving recording
> different sets of loops and then placing them on the turntables and
> scratching them ........
> So if that is the kind of thing that tickles anyones brains ... check out
> the video on youtube:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ubT54duGB8
> or on the website www.flyloops.com
> Not too artsy ... since it is made as a commercial, more or less, for
> DJ/musicians ..... but hey ..... it still should give you an idea of 
>what I
> mean.  Quite a fun new toy .... and I am glad to think that there can't 
> many other people out there that get to record loops live .... then 
> them immediately ..... though I guess most people aren't really 
> in scratching.
> Anyway, send me feedback if you like.
> Aaron