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Re: audio to midi vst plugins

Buzap Buzap schrieb:
> Ok, fair enough question ;-)
> Let me explain:
> My crazy vision was to think through if it would be technically possible 
> a) play a live audio loop
> b) let melodyne etc. create a midi file out of it
> c) have some tool harmonically / rhythmically analyze the midi file
> d) let the computer play some generative music (i.e. with Noatkl) 
>accompanying your live loop...

You are asking for a Max/MSP solution. There are objects which can 
analyse your loop, store the result internally and process it further. 
Your concept is actually interesting, because latency won't be a problem 
there. Usually if you want to track pitch in realtime, there is latency. 
But if you analyse while recording and only need a result when the loop 
is recorded, this is much easier. Its somthing inbetween realtime and 


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