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re: video on loop turntablism

Though I have been told that turntablism is just a passing curiosity to most of the people on this list ..... I though I would post this anyway since it makes me super happy.

I just got an MAUDIO Xponent ...... one of several midi devices to have come out recently for DJs .... it is meant to model a typical DJ setup ..... that is, two turntables and a crossfader, among other things.

I was excited to try using it with my own software, and very excited when it worked right away (that never happens in the computer programming universe ..... so it was a nice thrill to not have to rewrite a bunch of code).

Anyway, I have been very happy with the results and loving recording different sets of loops and then placing them on the turntables and scratching them ........

So if that is the kind of thing that tickles anyones brains ... check out the video on youtube:


or on the website www.flyloops.com

Not too artsy ... since it is made as a commercial, more or less, for DJ/musicians ..... but hey ..... it still should give you an idea of what I mean.  Quite a fun new toy .... and I am glad to think that there can't be many other people out there that get to record loops live .... then scratch them immediately ..... though I guess most people aren't really interested in scratching.

Anyway, send me feedback if you like.