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Re:M13 has arrived

Thanx a lot for the tips,so which compressor limiter are u using?
Oh man the difference between the M13 and Eventide delays are enorm!the 
eventide delays are crystal clear and a lot more defined than the the M13 
delays or any other ive heard ,however i also like the low fi emulations 
delays of line6, they have a character of their own!
i dont know if ive sent you the link to my performance at the cologne 
looping festival,anyway here you can hear the feedback sound of the 
eventide,i had gotten it a day before so i stuck to this one sound for the 
whole performance,i was not very relaxed because of the technical problems 
i had at the very beginning.I edited the video and mixed some images 
because i thought seeing me shoegazing only can be a bit boring:-D



> LP1 it's sits between the pre-looper and the LP1, so
>   instrument -> pre-looper/delay -> comp/lim ->
> looper -> DI/mixer -> PA
> This also allows you to loop self-resonating stuff without
> overdriving the inputs of the LP1 plus your input level will
> be more consistent. You have to be carefull though with high
> compression ratio's when using acoustic instruments like
> guitar or piano. I use levels of 1:2 for
> "acoustic" stuff and 1:4 when using drums and bass
> sounds.
> > Ill be posting the live performance soon so you can
> see it in action.
> > Thats the first time i used it!
> Yes, I remember you told me that you used the Eventide for
> the first time. The public didn't even notice the
> problems you were having, your sound was good :)
> Btw: how would you describe the difference in character of
> the M13 delay and the Eventide?
> ---
> Sjaak
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