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Re: danger, dirty midi guts topic

A shot in the dark, based on the illuminating Troubleshooting comments at the end of the Kenaxis documentation I was reading through last night:

Start up sequence.

Apparently, it REALLY does make a difference. So you may need to memorize or write down and mark your start up sequence.

But, hey, there's lots more MIDI expertise here and there will probably be more answers ...

Best (wish I was flying onto Terminal 1 today between 11-2:00 today!)


On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 3:28 AM, info at zoekeating <info@zoekeating.com> wrote:
I've been pursuing this on the Ableton forums, and thought I might as well post here too...

I wonder if anyone else has ever had this problem?? Its been going on for me for a long, long time and I think I just found a clue!

The backstory:

- I am remotely controlling Live with a foot pedal, blah blah.
- The foot pedal is hooked up to a MOTU Ultralite.
- MOTU ultralite goes into MIDIPipe, MidiPipe goes into Live.

80% of the time, everything is hunky dory. Occasionally, when I start up the MIDI is dead. I can see the midi signal flash on the LCD of the MOTU. However, according to my trusty MidiMonitor, nothing is coming in on the MOTU port, and in fact...the MOTU port doesn't show up when this occurs so there is nothing to see. (clue)

I can also get this to happen when, like a genius, I spontaneously edit and recompile my AppleScripts right before going onstage. That means quitting and restarting MIDIPipe. When I do this, invariably my MIDI input is dead. (clue)

(I'm using the pedal to control external hardware and this I can always do just fine. Good ol hardware. Again, messages are coming into MOTU according to the LCD.)

Seems like the problem has to be MOTU or Apple or MIDIPipe. I've been trying to sort it out with MOTU for donkeys years. They blame Apple. No one at Apple has ever responded, but the forums say MOTU. Nico, as far as I know, doesn't respond anymore to MIDIPipe questions.

The only thing that gets my MIDI back up is crazy, frantic powering off the MOTU and rebooting my computer, (and WTF, order seems to matter) and its always freaky to do onstage AND sometimes it doesn't work. I have to do it twice. I can also never remember the correct order (MOTU - Computer - MIDIPipe) in these situations. I dread this more than anything.

Well, it just happened again, and I looked in my console.  (why didn't I look before??!)

There is this error: MIDIServer crashed
And indeed, the MIDIServer crash log is full of stuff, from every time I have this problem!!

This is the best clue yet. But I have no idea what to do with it.

Does anyone have any suggestions what to do next?