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Re: LD CD 3 German review

It's a very good review indeed. Here's an off-the-cuff translation of the conclusion:

Those truly interested in ambient who are looking for a multi-faceted documentary sound selection should get „V.A. – Looper’s Delight Compilation Voume 3“. Unlike in other compilation, there’s no filling-up with rejects here. Instead, real lights that shine clearly and brightly on the ambient sky are stringed together. In my view, a purchase is compulsory for those who collect musical treasures from the underground.

Cheers from Switzerland


Am 28.08.2008 um 19:59 schrieb Sunao Inami:

Hi LD,

I found "Loopers's Delight compilation Vol.3 " CD review by German.

I can not read German, I hope it's good review...