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Re: cello for airports, moved to terminal 1

yeah, philistines! i think the deyoung is way cooler now anyway with  
their rockin' friday night parties!! even if it does look like an oil  

i think there is more to the story, like i guess the int'l terminal  
spot is right under the announcement speaker, and i was interfering  
with understanding of the permanent "threat level orange"  
announcements. don't want anyone to NOT hear that, do we?

but it is true that the SFMOMA store chap prefers woodwinds. can't  
win em all!!

to make up for it...my cd is #1 in itunes classical today. so someone  
out there likes it.

On Aug 28, 2008, at 10:24 PM, George Ludwig wrote:

> Heathen scum. And WTH is an SFMOMA store doing at an AIRPORT terminal.