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Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

I'm not sure whether this dimension of the discussion has been 
highlighted in this thread - if so, please forgive me...

In my case, I much prefer the sound of my 'real' tube amp with or 
without a pedalboard full of effects to any of the modeling systems I 
have tried.  I like the way the sound is localized on stage, and to my 
mind, I have found the best tone ever.


When using my looping rig, I use a modeling amp (Line6 PodXT or Johnson 
J-Station) through a full-range PA (in stereo when practical).  It's a 
trade off that I feel is necessary to eliminate the need for an open mic 
onstage or a line output from the amp, neither of which ever seems 
completely satisfying.

The trade off becomes more practical for a number of reasons:
1) the primary guitar tone I dial up is exactly the same one fed to the 
2) I can blend the looped instance in to taste post-fader and maintain 
the balance much more easily (especially for low-volume situations).
3) I don't need to carry the amp around when I'm already hauling the 
looping (rack) system and a small PA system.

If I never got to play my real amp outside of the living room I'd be 
very distressed.  But I expect to always have a nice small-ish tube amp 
and it will hopefully continue to see action on the local club scene. Of 
course I may one day have problems with Nurse Ratched at the nursing 
home about that.

Finally, I'm working on a laptop solution which will eventually 
eliminate the hardware-based modeling amp - Amplitube II seems to be as 
good as any of them and I got a license for stupid-cheep.  I see the 
looping rig hardware components pared down to a guitar, an Axon AX100 
MKII controller, footcontroller and a laptop (and a full-range PA, of 

Dan Ash
White Plains, NY