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Re:M13 has arrived

> Luis wrote:
> The eventide has a great sound,thats the one i used at the Cologne
> festival,it still has some issues though like when you change patches 
> using the expression pedal the transition is not very smooth and 
> it can even have loud jumps that could blow your speakers depending how
> youve programmed certain parameters

Sounds familiar: I've blown up my speakers when I was tweaking the 
low-pass filter and resonance on one of my synths ;) Since then, I use a 
compressor/limiter in my setup; in the beginning on my main mix but since 
I use the LP1 it's sits between the pre-looper and the LP1, so

  instrument -> pre-looper/delay -> comp/lim -> looper -> DI/mixer -> PA

This also allows you to loop self-resonating stuff without overdriving the 
inputs of the LP1 plus your input level will be more consistent. You have 
to be carefull though with high compression ratio's when using acoustic 
instruments like guitar or piano. I use levels of 1:2 for "acoustic" stuff 
and 1:4 when using drums and bass sounds.

> Ill be posting the live performance soon so you can see it in action.
> Thats the first time i used it!

Yes, I remember you told me that you used the Eventide for the first time. 
The public didn't even notice the problems you were having, your sound was 
good :)

Btw: how would you describe the difference in character of the M13 delay 
and the Eventide?