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Re: reply to OT

It means that they have their email address in the <Reply To> field 
within their email software for the account that they use for LD.

If they were to visit that entry in their email software and delete it
then all would be well.

Unfortunately it seems this is now a default behaviour for some email 
where previously the default was always to leave the field blank.

Hence, anyone who has this problem is unlikely to know about it.
(happened to me, but I noticed the LD replies coming directly from
the correspondent, rather than through LD).

andt butler  

Jeff Duke wrote:
> Could someone refresh me on why when I reply to some messages it puts 
> the senders address and not the LD email addy in the to box. It was 
> brought up before I just can't remember....seems like its on the senders 
> end.
> Jeff