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Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

--- On Wed, 8/27/08, Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:

> Uh, I've been using computers for music and art since
> the early 90s  
> and I have no idea what you're talking about.

I think that if, in that amount of time, you've never been caught between 
incompatible software versions (and not just the OS) you are a lucky man. 
But it in no way invalidates my point.

Software is cool and I can't imagine my life without it. I have a ton of 
it, and have spent a lot of money on it. But money spent on software is 
always an expense, never an investment.

And I feel that your point about hardware being orphaned lacks substance. 
If I've already got a Steinberger, do I really care if the company stops 
making them? The only issue is the avilability of spare parts. With a lot 
of hardware, that's not even an issue. With others, it is. But I've still 
got a Roland GR-300 up and running. At 20+ years old, it's kicking ass. 

Any software I was using 20+ years ago is long in the trashbin. And if I 
still had it lying around, I doubt that I could even find a system it 
would run on.