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M13 has arrived

I just took delivery on the M13.  I only had a half-hour to mess with it,
but I went to the looper straightaway, and it performs nicely right out of
the box.  I didn't experience the clicks that Luis indicated, and the
half-speed and reverse are instantaneous.  I can make a loop, overdub (and
undo the last overdub), then click off the loop control--the loop keeps
running and I return to the pedal effects to modify the next overdub.

I also got a Boss F500H to use as an expression pedal with the unit, so 
be able to check out the feedback situation--this is something I use all 
time on the EDP solo rig.

My first trip through some of the effects has been pleasing.  I was about 
buy an Eventide Time Factor to plug into the effects loop of my Hot Rod
Deluxe, but after reading that I could send the delays, verbs and other
time-based effects through the loop while sending overdrives, tremolos and
compressors through the front of the amp (the 4 cable method), my mind was
made up.  So far, I'm just running it quietly into the front of a Tech 21
Trademark 60 combo.  

I'll be reading the manual and experimenting more tonight.  Dennis and
others, if you have specific questions, send them along.