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Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

Although, in partial support of Rainer's comments, albeit controversial, I 
have met and heard many pro players who aren't picky gear heads, and will 
play through anything you give them and sound freakin' great. Their style 
and caliber of playing transcends the gear.  I'm quite certain that if you 
gave John McLaughin a cheap $100 Crate guitar amp, he would still sound 
John McLaughlin.  The tone won't be the same, but he playing and style 
be. John has played through Marshall stacks in the Mahavishnu days, Roland 
JC amps, and even direct in the board via a processor...it's always sounds 
like John, man (the scalloped frets don't hurt!). :)    The pros don't 
through the crappy gear becaus they don't have to. But if they did, they 
would still shine.


> if that was true all the pros would be playing live with a crappy 
> mass produced digital pocket size tube amp emulator and retiring their 
> analog bulky stuff at home
> we want all those great sounds packed in an ipod but lets face it is 
> gonna happen.
> Luis
>> Rainer wrote:
>> "Frankly, I'm getting tired of all that "I
>> can feel the difference" talk.
>> Either you're able to do it with a more compact setup,
>> or you should embrace
>> the thought that you better take yourself and your tube amp
>> and stompbox
>> setup
>> to the retirement home."