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AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

Rainer wrote:
"Frankly, I'm getting tired of all that "I can feel the difference" talk.
Either you're able to do it with a more compact setup, or you should 
the thought that you better take yourself and your tube amp and stompbox 
to the retirement home."

Dear Rainer,
I can fully understand the emotion behind this statement  and don't fault
you for having that emotion, but by actually posting such a thought to
greater community seems like you are  being disrespectful
to a large number of really phenomenal world class musicians by actually
posting such a blanket statement to this community.

To me, as incredibly bright and knowledgeable
as you are,  making such a statement makes you seem
insular,close minded and arrogant.

There are some people who believe that the diffence in the actual
final timbre of their performances makes it worthwhile to
carry heavier analogue equipment with them on tour.

This is a valid musical stance and though you may not agree with
it, having such a stance does not equate to being a dinosaur ready for a 

I've had this argument (lightweight all laptop vs. hardware or 
hardware/laptop hybrids)
with my brother over and over, but the fact of the matter is that he has 
his guitar tones over 30 years;  trying every conceivable configuration 
feels, with some justification,  that he can't get the tone he wants from
an amp simulation or tube simulation sofwtare.

For someone like Krispen Hartung,  who really likes a fairly clean, jazzy 
guitar tone
to begin with,  an all laptop,  Max/MSP or multiple VST through a host 
approach really
works spectacularly.

Bill is a completely different musician, however, and I can tell you that 
I've been with
him in his garage trying out amp/tube modeller after amp/tube modeller 
simulators on the backside and then listened to him play the identical 
small Fender and Vox vintage tube amps and the difference is STUNNING!

I don't need this in my music.  You, apparently don't either, but it's just
being too black and white to put down anyone else who disagrees with you
and your original statement was a definite 'put down'.

I object strenuously to it.

That said and done, you know I like you a lot and this is an impassioned 
response to your words
and not a personal attack.

with respect,   Rick Walker