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Re: elec gtr setup - to simplify

That video is on my "to do" list!  :)

One thing that I realized when went all laptop is that I was never going 
get the exact tone and feel of a tube amp.  I had to embrace the principle 
that I was fundamentally transforming my guitar tone, my personal 
on gear, and my performance rig to system to something that was not better 
or worse, but something very different.  I realized that if got too hung 
and obsessed on trying to emulate old gear and ways of thinking that I 
never be satisfied and not truly transforming, but clinging to my old 
habits.  Moving to the laptop requires embracing change, for better or 
worse.  Doing this allowed me to dispense with a lot of arbitrary 
preconceptions that I had beforehand, such as the view that tube guitar 
create better tone, or that analog or rackmount effects sound better than 
VST (which are clearly a subjective and non-factual statements).  I 
eventually realized that my preferences were not nearly as fine tuned and 
rigid as I had thought, and that over time I can get used to something 
different and eventually like it more.

Consequently, I can't guarantee that moving to the laptop will produce a 
tube amp sound - it likely will NOT - but it is a fundamental 
to something different, and now I have grown so accustomed to my new 
that I find the sound of a tube amp un-appealing and "weird" sounding. We 
are creatures of habit. If we can break out of this paradigm and evolve to 
something different, we may find ourselves just as gratified over time.  
these days, I like to change the conditions under which we compare 
rackmount/pedal/amp systems with laptop systems, and not try to compare 
apples with apples, but view it as a transformation to something 
Because when I see the countless post from people asking about VSTs or 
software that will do what their hardware does, I can almost sense the 
personal urgency, fear,  and "clinginess" to the notion of emulating old 
ways with new technologies.  The very idea of moving from hardware to 
software, and expecting simulation of old habitual tones, is now staring 
feel fundamentally contradictory and counter-productive to me.

So, all I can say, practically speaking, is try taking the loop to all 
laptop and give it some time. Don't feel discouraged if you can't get your 
exact hardware tones or configurations at the outset - this will be a 
natural human response to trying something. Experiment and eventually you 
may discover something new and different that will grown on you and become 
part of your new musical personality.  It's all about personal evolution, 
think, not serial phases of "revolution" around the same preconceptions.

Okay, I guess this is what a long walk to the pub and a few ales will do 
me. :)


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> Hi Krispen,
> I am often in the same rut with this dilema,ive tried so many modelers 
> none give me the sound of my Koch twintone and pedals,i am trying out 
> M13 which aint bad i guess because they ditched all the amp modeling, fx 
> to tube amp only.
> So always when i read about carry a lappy and instrument only i start 
> salivating!
> So would you consider one of this days making a little video for us of 
> u use this setup so we can see how it works and sounds?or can you direct 
> us to any pros using such setup?that would be killer man because it just 
> sounds too good to be true!
> cheers
> Luis
>> Move toward the approach I have now.  You walk into a gig
>> with only your
>> guitar and laptop. It is quite liberating, and will allow
>> you to focus your
>> setup/hardware hassle energy on the music.
>> Kris