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Re: elec gtr setup - to simplify

Hi Krispen,
I am often in the same rut with this dilema,ive tried so many modelers and 
none give me the sound of my Koch twintone and pedals,i am trying out the 
M13 which aint bad i guess because they ditched all the amp modeling, fx 
to tube amp only.
So always when i read about carry a lappy and instrument only i start 
So would you consider one of this days making a little video for us of how 
u use this setup so we can see how it works and sounds?or can you direct 
us to any pros using such setup?that would be killer man because it just 
sounds too good to be true!

> Move toward the approach I have now.  You walk into a gig
> with only your 
> guitar and laptop. It is quite liberating, and will allow
> you to focus your 
> setup/hardware hassle energy on the music.
> Kris