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Re: Cologne Live Looping festival on line (podcast)

yippie! ... 
thanks again!

2008/8/26 e t e r o g e n e o <info@eterogeneo.com>
Hey, finally, the Cologne live looping festival, held last 31st  Maj is on line and freely downloadable.
It's not the entire festival, but a 52 minutes selection of all sets, following the running order of the show, to caught the original flux from set to set.
The sound is really good and the podcast contains also some photos from both the Cologne and the Berlin Loopfestival, held a week later in Berlin and organized by Leander (to whom i tributed a ...."cameo" in the podcast)
I apologise in advatage if the selection doesn't fit the feeling of the orginal author: it just "my" selection.... 
If you want to have on the podcast a different section of your sets, please send it to me and i'll "upgrade" the podcast, according to your needs.
I have to re-post my big thank to Michael Peters, for the enjoiable time i spent in that so great and well organized festival.
I.tunes users can access here:
(if you are using i.tunes,you can surf  between "chapters", jumping straight to the desidered set)
No i.tunes users can copy and paste this link into their favourite podcast browser:
Hope you'll like it.

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