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Re: Maybe OT--editing of film


 A big definate YES! When I was in junior high, the band teacher gave a 
presentation to ALL 7th graders. He played a piece by Glinka. I envisioned 
a frolicking chase through a forest. Different sections of the piece made 
scenes in my head of different parts of a forest. Dense trees, a downhiil 
run along a stone path through sparce trees, a splash across a stream, 
etc. I believe you can. Listen to Todd Rungren's Utopia album track "The 
Ikon". If you don't visualize different scenes in your mind you probably 
are being distracted by something.

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> Subject: Maybe OT--editing of film
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> Date: Monday, August 25, 2008, 3:54 PM
> Saw a great special the other day on how movies changed when
> editing came 
> along.  How cutting from this and that was able to elicit
> feeling better 
> than just a big screen "home movie".  My question
> to this esteemed group is: 
> Is there a parallel to this in music?  can we experience
> different 
> "locations" in music in the same piece?
> I seem to think that classical music does this with various
> movements but is 
> this really equivalent?  Have other artists pursued this
> question (I assume 
> some more minimalists have).
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