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Line 6 M13 little review

Hi gang,
just wanted to throw my 2 cents on this unit which i am trying out at the 
Beare in mind that i cannot compare a lof of the modeled sounds and 
effects to the original ones because i was not lucky enough to have been 
an effect collector in the 60s and 70s, so my opinion is subjective(all 
you hippies are u listening?)
I find the sounds with the exception of the the rotary speaker and some of 
the distortions quite good,i am impressed how good the univibe sounds 
compared to other digital units(and i own the mojovibe which i love) 
Fuzzboxes are cool i A/B the facia fuzz to my analog prescription 
electronics experience pedal and i could dial 99% of the sound.All of the 
delays are also very nice and to me sound better than the ones on the 
DL4.I dont collect vintage phasers or choruses that much but i do have an 
original  boss CE-2 and the analog ones do a really good job.Reverbs are 
also decent enough.The analog synths well...you tell me.
But what impressed me the most is how easy it is to operate it,i learned 
the unit very quickly without looking at the manual except how to save 
scenes!Looping is great and it doesnt interfere with your effects scene 
switching,ther is alway 4 efx in the upper row available, or just change 
back to a scene and you have all 12 available.The looper has a little flaw 
,it makes a little click noise sometimes at the beginning of the loop so i 
hope that will be adressed.Otherwise you can pre or post the efxs for your 
loops which is a breeze to do.It also has more looping 28 sec (or 56 sec. 
in half speed mode)
you can also control the volume of the loop,feedback and with a second exp 
pedal the pre or post loop efx which is really cool.
It is a bit heavy not really sure how much (perhaps 10.2 lbs) but feels 
very sturdy.
Things that are missing-pitch shifting,a good wah,octave with poly mode 
like the boss one or something like the POG but it has sends and returns 
which work great for your boutique beauties.It takes a bit getting used to 
to the scene philosophy but i actually like it better than the bank 
So in my opinion this unit rocks and like it better and is cheaper than 
the TC nova system.I think line6 has done a great job on this one!