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Re: Musica Optica 2007

very interesting! i like how this is the other way round: music to images.

On Aug 25, 2008, at 3:34 PM, L.A. Angulo wrote:

Hi Raul,

Yes, it was absolutely hard to improvise to static pictures and images which were being thrown at us at random without us knowing what would come and how long they would remain on the screen! i remember suggesting that we do it the other way around,pictures improvisation to our music because it would interfere with the dynamics of our improvisations(which often did).but the other 2 guys (who dont loop) thought it would be more interesting this way.For me it was really strange constantly looking at a screen while playing my instument and dealing with all the gear to bring to improvise soemthing that would fit the image and bring emotion to the static images being treated with efx only,it was not relaxing at all.I remeber the sax player often wispering at me as i was begining to lost myself in the music buiding a loop "luis the screen has changed";-).It felt like stopping abruptly before an orgasm;.) The funny thing is that at the end even though i was the

 only one looping and with the most equipment the other musicians told me it was really exhausting for them as well;-))) so we all went and got drunk!