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AW: Free Kaossilator and looping album

> "Sounds of Kaoss" is a handful of tracks featuring the Korg 
> Kaossilator and Kaoss Pad (mini-KP). All sounds are 

Now this is interesting (and I still have the Kaossilator on my list to
complement it with my KP3). In the description you say that while the music
was "derived" from the two Kaoss devices, a DAW was used as well.

Could you explain your approach a little? Did you play the pieces with the
two Kaoss things, then record that to twotrack and work with that in the
DAW, or was some multitracking (meaning: something you couldn't do in a 
performance) involved?

> Has anyone else on this list published anything on Jamendo? I 
> know Rainer has.

There is at least Per Boysen:
and Raul Bonell: