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An Introduction of Sorts

Hello all,
I joined this list some time ago and may have even participated a few
times but I forget.
After recently doing some research that led me to this community's
archive I decided to get back on board to further enlighten myself
and to share whatever it is I can share.
Presently I live in Japan and work composing music to media such as
documentaries, film, TV spots, ect., I teach improvisation to high
school students, and I am also involved in performing.
Most of my looping activities go into two bands I have. One band, The
GoodLuck Boys, performs frequently around the Tokyo area. You can
hear some old music at goodluckboys.com - though it hasn't been
updated for ages. Most of the music on the site dates back to when we
were a duo experimenting with arranging our songs and improvising
drones. We are a full quartet now working with great musicians with a
more distinct sound. One day we will update.
BTW, my looping gear consists of a Boss RC-20, Boss DD-20, and a
Koass Pad 3.
Thanks for reading.

Marcus Staniec