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AW: mini review: Korg KP3

> Anyone else want to review the KAOSS PAD 3 as a looping device?
> It's just fantastic for re sampling and loop stuff we've done 

Hi Rick,

there's a comparison of a few different Kaoss devices here:

and info on the KP3 software 2.0 here:

There's also a video demo (sw version 1.x):
referenced here:

and here's a review of the KP3 (sw version 1.x):

The short 411 from a looper's perspective:

* No "first loop capability" (samples of arbitrary length are only possible
for oneshot samples)
* no true overdub, but resampling can be used as a faux overdub
* maximum loop length (per slot): around 13s (it's 16 beats down to above
73bpm, then it halves to 8 beats etc.)
* FX release and a short record function for pad movements are great
enhancements over the KP2
* a big letdown: you can't pan samples, and you can't put them (or the live
signal) pre/post FX: it's always pre FX
* loop storage on SD card. Cumbersome process of storing/loading loops and
proprietary format (i.e. no WAV/AIFF files)

Summary: if it had first loop capability and perhaps a few more seconds of
loop length (let's say double the amount) and the possibility to 
route the slots and the live signal to the FX, then it would be extremely