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Re: mini review: BOSS SL-20 SLICER/LOOPER pedal

True enough. I didn't mean to diminish your enthusiasm for the pedal.  
I'm curious though, after you run the candy dish through the slicer,  
how different does it sound than say an electric guitar?
That said, I'm probably guilty of putting to much stock into the  
Roland Video Demo. Like after watching the RC50 demo, one would think  
that it was specifically for playing prerecorded backing tracks.
Roland seems to be pretty short sighted when it comes to their  
forward thinking technology.
With Respect,

On Aug 25, 2008, at 7:24 AM, Rick Walker wrote:

> "I have been tempted. But it seems like it has such a distinctive  
> sound. I
> can just imagine "that sound" permeating music for the next 6  
> months then
> disappearing. Much like the Adrenilinn did."
> Yeah, Chris,  I actually thought of this before I bought it,   
> although I
> have to say, that
> innovation, timbrally, in music always goes through the curve of  
> phenonmenal
> and brand new,   used a lot,  over used,  abandoned.
> (and I want to throttle the next R&B/hip hop producer who forces  
> the 'Cher
> Antares Autotune Wobble' onto another young
> female vocalist).
> The first time I heard Andre LaFosse creating tiny guitar loops and  
> then
> playing them or sequencing them
> from a drum machine it was astonishing,  I had never heard it  
> before,  but,
> after time,  one gets used to a
> sound and decides whether it is 'old news'   or 'classic'  in terms  
> of their
> expanding repertoire.
> I still use that technique though (as does Andre, brilliantly) and  
> keep
> finding new ways to make it sound interesting.
> Many the time we've seen analogue synths come into vogue,  get  
> overused in
> pop music, dissapear and then
> resurface 10-15 years as the 'latest thing'.
> But, if you think of it, the Viola da Gamba was an incredible  
> innovation for
> bowed string players, then
> it was replaced by the Viola in popularity.
> Personally, my attempt to circumvent this phenomenae is to  
> continually be
> trying to learn new instruments,
> new techniques and then to attempt to innovate new techniques on the
> instruments I"m playing.
> I'm fairly certain that I will be the first and last person to  
> strike a
> brass candy dish with my thumb;  manipulate
> the overtones rhythmically,  slice it with the SL-20 slicer,  loop it,
> rerecord it into the Electrix
> Repeater and then play it melodically over three octaves with a  
> Yamaha WX-5
> wind synthesizer.
> I think with all equipment,  creativity is the final arbiter of  
> whether
> something is useful or not.
> If worse comes to worse, I, as an incredibly technically mediocre  
> guitarist
> (and two day old fretless guitarist.......lol)
> can use this thing to get guitar textures that sound fantastic when  
> I put
> drums, bass and some kind of lead instrument
> over the top...............and quickly at that.
> But it might not be the instrument for you  as I respect fully.