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Re: mini review: BOSS SL-20 SLICER/LOOPER pedal

Regarding questions about the SL-20 SLICER's midi implementation,
it only recieves midi clock.    Haven't even tried that because I don't 
lot of midi in my music (other than syncing with my brother when we play 
I'll give it a try when I have the time and let you all know how it works 
an EDP and a Looperlative.

Saliently,  the new KORG KAOSS PAD 3  has midi as well and the ability to
make four loops that can sync or not sync with your other equipment and 

This is an amazing piece of kit as the Brits say but I don't know it 
well enough to
review it for us.

Anyone else want to review the KAOSS PAD 3 as a looping device?
It's just fantastic for re sampling and loop stuff we've done and then 
manipulating the
hell out of it with time based effects (filters, delays, verbs, et. al.)