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OT: Here's a relatively cheap laptop recommendation

Requests for laptop recommendations come up occasionally so I thought
I share the good news about my latest purchase. I got an Acer Extensa
5620-6030 for $700 and it ran the Live Five Performance test at 15%.
Pretty good since my quad core home built computer scores 13%. My
biggest problems with laptops have been the USB implementation since I
use a Line 6 USB Toneport DI with the Gold plug in. I've had a lot of
problems with substandard USB performance. None so far with the Acer.
That 15% score holds solid at the minimum latency settings on the Line
6 toneport. The Acer Extensa also has the desired TI chipset for the
onboard firewire interface. The two significant downsides are a 5400
rpm hard drive (you can buy 7200rpm laptop drives for $100 these days)
and it comes loaded with Windows Vista Business and about 15 or 20
bloatware applications. At some point I'll probably put in a faster
hard drive and Windows XP, but for now I'm happy.

I bought mine from newegg.com which doesn't allow returns, so don't
buy it there on my recommendation. I can't say that it will work for
everyone. The gold standard for audio laptops is still the MacBook
pro. YMMV.

Specs seem impressive to me given the price: Intel Core 2 Duo T7500
2.2Ghz, 3Gb RAM (!).

Art Simon
myspace [dot] com/artsimon