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AW: New Tunes

For those among you who do not know Andreas Willers or his work - go the
fuck check him out! His performance at the Berlin Loopfest for me was the
highlight of the festival (and that with other artists on the level of The
Walker Bros., Fabio, Michael, Stefan,... on the bill). He's one of that
superweird EDP mission commanders - one of those few people who do odd
looping and at the same time play really beautiful songs - one of those 
with a truly wonderful guitar tone - but let's just quote what my blog at
www.myspace.com/moinlabs has to say in the section "Moinsound World Tour

"1. Best Performer or Performance: Andreas Willers (Berlin Loopfest)
Back when organizing the two gigs in München, I had already been in contact
with Andreas (whom I've never met before the Berlin event), and I actually
had wanted him to be part of the Pasinger Fabrik gig.
His performance in Berlin showed me that my feeling was right: an
outstanding (if very intense) performance of a guitarist who is not only
clearly in command of his guitar and his electronics (another EDP user 
but also of the music he is creating. Andreas, I really hope we get a 
to do some music together in the future!
He can be found at www.andreaswillers.de"

Thanks, Andreas, for doing what you do so well!



        after being offlist for quite some time (mainly due to a technical
problem - I had trouble re-subscribing, not unsubscribing! Kim sorted it 
for me) I got back in touch after performing at the Berlin Loopfest. It was
a nice hang with the Loopergang, thanks to Leander for putting it together!

        I have in the last year recorded over two hours of material for an
upcoming solo release and put two songs up on my MySpace thing: