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Re: yesterday's performance with responsive video animation


Ableton Live and 3 instances of SooperLooper.

The parts that I "sample" (i.e. record and then playback without overdubs) I do inside Ableton Live.
The parts that I "loop" (i.e. classic overdub, layering thing we all love) I do inside SooperLooper.

Certain sections of the song, I automate the recording and playback using sequenced midi notes in Live. So Live plays a note and that note triggers a function (like record, or mute, or overdub) either in Live or SooperLooper.

Certain sections I do all the functions with my feet. 

Depending on how things are going onstage, I go back and forth between more or less automation or foot-control. 

All the "looping" parts used to be done in my Electrix Repeaters. I did manage to get SooperLooper to do it for this piece, but I'm having a hard time getting SooperLooper to make the same length loop and play it back in sync every time. Even automating the recording by firing a midi clip, it can still be slightly off. To get around that annoyance for this song, I "faked" the sync by having Live rhythmically fade out the SooperLooper tracks and give emphasis on downbeats! That way, no matter what SooperLooper was doing, I'd always have a pulse in the right place! Kludgy.

That's the last barrier for me now, how to make SooperLooper reliably loop in time.

On Aug 22, 2008, at 11:41 AM, Raul Bonell wrote:

great sense on structure by your side.
may you explain which was your set up?
several instances of sooperlooper inside ableton live?
are you using each instance for the different sections,
going mute on/off? ... please some notes for the students here :-)