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New Tunes

Hi list,

after being offlist for quite some time (mainly due to a technical problem - I had trouble re-subscribing, not unsubscribing! Kim sorted it out for me) I got back in touch after performing at the Berlin Loopfest. It was a nice hang with the Loopergang, thanks to Leander for putting it together!

I have in the last year recorded over two hours of material for an upcoming solo release and put two songs up on my MySpace thing:


"Drowning Migrant" features a setup I call Time Lag Accumulator 21, constisting mainly out of a long hall reverb going into one forward and one reverse delay panned left and right with 100% wet delay settings. "Against Better Judgement" is a mix of standard and granular EDP action. There will be much more stuff, some non-tonal ballads and even groove stuff with fuzz bass and self-played drums ;-)

Currently on MySpace there are four more tunes from my prior releases, more jazz oriented stuff with players like Paul Bley (piano on "Face Two"), Dominique Pifarély (violin on "Grau Normal Ja") and Tom Rainey (drums on "Schlaf")

Regards, Andreas Willers