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Re: first looping performance without hardware

In the year and a half of using an Ableton/Sooperlooper rig, the only thing to go wrong was hardware; FCB, cables, and a Firewire 410. The software and Mac PB are the most stable items in the chain. 

Walk into the light.....

On Aug 21, 2008, at 3:43 PM, Mark Smart wrote:

This is encouraging! I am getting ready to do my first gig with a laptop Mac and Ableton instead of a bunch of interconnected effects pedals, and this makes me feel a little less worried.

I'm excited about it. I've been working on my Reaktor Big Band synth so its harmony can be controlled by a prerecorded silent MIDI track in Ableton, making it much more flexible in terms of being about to do different sections of tunes, tags, etc.

Mark Smart