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RE: OT/first looping performance without hardware

I'm a Ducati guy! I've got a backpack guitar bag that can haul around a 
guitar, a couple of guyatone micro pedals, and a laptop. I ride to 
rehearsal studios sometimes when I need to make a lot of noise. 
Unfortunately, can't carry a proper amp this way.

I haven't ridden on the highway like this. Even at around-town speeds 
(which for me is still around 50mph), I don't feel so secure with the 
guitar on my back. I don't think the designers of the backpack had highway 
speeds in mind when they designed it. But I haven't found a better one, 

Sidecars are cool, but limit maneuverability and top speed. And really, 
isn't it all about being a ninja looper? (Apologies to Zoe, I know your 
cello is too big to fit on your back).

All talk of motorcyling aside, having minimal kit is still really 
important to me. I think everyone knows what a hassle setup can be. 
implifying things in this regard is central to my current thinking as I 
redesign my rig.

--- On Thu, 8/21/08, Dave Gallaher <micdave@hiwaay.net> wrote:

> From: Dave Gallaher <micdave@hiwaay.net>
> Subject: RE: OT/first looping performance without hardware
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Date: Thursday, August 21, 2008, 9:28 AM
> In some states, the cello will be required to wear a helmet.
> Love all the Italian bikes--started out on a Ducati way
> back in 1960.
> dave 
> (oops...sent this last night from the wrong email account
> and it  
> bounced back)
> i cut the cord today and performed for the first time with
> no  
> hardware at all!! just Ableton Live and 3 instances of
> SooperLooper.  
> i only had to play one song, so it was a good opportunity
> to try it  
> out. it all worked! it was very satisfying to have all my
> gear (with  
> the exception of the FCB1010) in a backback.
> someone from the FCB users group is removing the expression
> pedals  
> for me now, so when thats done...small city. i can't
> wait.
> my next fantasy is to show up for gigs on a moto guzzi,
> with the  
> cello in a sidecar and i'll run all the looping
> software on an iphone.