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Re: Tabletop Loopers

Hey Rafael,
The 2880 with the firmware update is solid for being a slave, the only thing is as a slave of course the octave down button won't work. If I slow down my Boss 670 it follows it though.
From the update PDF:
"When the 2880 has EXT. CLOCK enabled and is therefore the MIDI Clock slave to another device, a fix has been made when Quantize mode is ON. If your MIDI master is continually sending MIDI Clock with MIDI Song Position Pointer data, the 2880 will read the MIDI SPP data and always start recording its loop on beat 1, as long as Quantize is set to on. It will also always end the loop recording on beat 1 of a bar so that the loop lengths are always x number of bars in length. This allows the user to more easily make loops that will be in sync with their MIDI master. "
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Hi all,
It turns out I am not interested in performing with software, although I heartily appreciate any and all suggestions at this point.  I wasn't totally clear in my initial email, but although I do indeed have some degree of familiarity with computer music, my passion is for hardware.
From what I know about myself, and I pretty much get paralyzed when I have too many options.  My best work has always come from the most limited structures.
Simon's suggestion of the EH 2880 gave me pause, though.  I am going to have a go at the manual, which I just printed out.  I dismissed it a long time ago because I had the RC-50 at that time and there is no BPM readout on the 2880, but as long as it can deal with being a MIDI-clock slave, that should be no problem.
I still have my fantasy, though of some sort of Kaoss Pad MMDCCCLXXX, designed for looping, with a poly-touch screen and a this and a that...
Mark Sottilaro was all:
> From his post it seemed he didn't want to tackle making a looper in Max MSP.
>  Anyone who even is aware of Max and the Lemur is already saying that
> they've got some computer music knowledge.
> Do you really think your Boss DR-660 isn't a computer?
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