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Re: Game controllers and MIDI

I used a Wolfking Warrior in combination with Bome MIDI Translator to
control Möbius and FX. Works really well, actually, but I needed more
distance between the controller and my laptop (10 meters) and I was
told that USB is not that reliable anymore then, so I switched back to
a MIDI controller which works fine with a 10 meter cable. But, when
you don't need the distance, it's a cheap solution and it's very


Grtz, Sanne

On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 9:16 PM, Dean, Hal <HDean@wcupa.edu> wrote:
> Is anyone on LD using a game controller coupled with conversion-to-MIDI
> software to control Mobius, an EDP, Bidule, VSTs or the like? If so, any
> insights on what works and doesn't would be welcome.
> Hal Dean