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Re: Looping Videos from my Europe/UK tour

please upload that blog .. sure there is lots of interest among LD community.

by the way, regarding the koln complete series. 
are the other performances available as visuals+audio?
I remember Michael told there was a plan for doing a footage dvd of the entire concert. 
is already done?


2008/8/20 Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com>
I just started a page at youtube for anyone interested in seeing
some of the performances from my recent tour of Scandinavia, Germany
and the UK.

It's at


Currently,  I have 2 clips from the Looping Festival in Oslo, Norway
and the 2nd Koln Live Looping Festival in Koln, Germany.

I want to profusely thank both the videographers who shot
these two clips,    Mark Francombe in Oslo and Walter Bruehn
(who also edited the clips) in Koln  as well as
Jan Weise (Oslo) and Michael Peters (Koln) who respectively produced these
two wonderfully creative multi-artist festivals.

Also, I wrote an extensive blog of my whole two month tour and I'll be posting that
soon if anyone is interested in reading about the tour and the fantastic places we
saw and the amazing people we hung out and played with.

yours,  Rick Walker

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