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RE: TRAVEL TRANSFORMERS: who owns their own on this list and where do you live

I have one in Tokyo, if anyone is ever out that far. As Rick has said,
anyone who needs one in Northern Ireland can borrow one from me no problem.

Ricky Graham


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From: Rick Walker [mailto:looppool@cruzio.com] 
Sent: 20 August 2008 03:38
Subject: TRAVEL TRANSFORMERS: who owns their own on this list and where do
you live

I own two transformers
for converting  110 volts  (US/Canada)  to 220 volts (European/UK)

one is with Rick Graham in Derry, Northern Ireland

one is with Luca Formentini in Descanzo, Italy

both are rated at 1,000 watts,  plenty for almost anyone's
live looping rig (even Mir O's gargantuan analogue rig)

the Y2K LOOPING FESTIVAL SERIES owns one transformer
for converting 220 volts (European/UK)   to 110 volts  (US/Canada)

it is with me in Santa Cruz, California

I was thinking it would be good to pool our resources and figure out
who has transformers where so that we could just mail them within
our respective continents to travelling musicians to save them the
price of constantly buying one every time you tour.

I would be more than happy to coordinate all of this information and be
a resource for letting people know where to go if they need a transformer.

They are just too big, heavy and expensive to fly on planes with the 
draconian weight limits that are now imposed on travelling musicians.

Maybe we can figure out a way to facilitate inter country looping jaunts 
each other.

Yours,  Rick Walker 

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