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Re:TRAVEL TRANSFORMERS: who owns their own on this list and where do you live

> Rick wrote:
> It might be a really cool thing, if people can afford it, for the
> people who tend to put on looping festivals and performances to purchase
> a transformer to keep on site.
> I was thinking it would be good to pool our resources and figure out
> who has transformers where so that we could just mail them within
> our respective continents to travelling musicians to save them the
> price of constantly buying one every time you tour.

Great idea Rick. I'll make sure I'll have a "Live Looping Transformer" 
available in Antwerp. Any info on brand and model? Just to make sure it 

> I would be more than happy to coordinate all of this information and be
> a resource for letting people know where to go if they need a 

If you want I can add the info to the euroloopfest.com website

> Maybe we can figure out a way to facilitate inter country looping jaunts 
> each other.

Euh...I don't follow you here. What do you mean?