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Dear Sjaak,

Per took me to a store in Goteborg when I first got there
and I purchased a 1,000 watt transformer for about $70 USD
(110-220 volts with adaptors).

It enable me to play successfuly with Amercian 110 volt equipment
in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, England, Wales and
Northern Ireland.

I left it with my good friend,  Paul Marshall in Northern Ireland
because it was too heavy to bring back to the states  (I do
believe that the one I used in my 2003 European looping tour I left
with Luca Formentini near Lado Di Gara.

If anyone wants to use these units and is willing to pay the shipping
for them to where they are (and keeps them in either the UK or in Europe),
I'd be happy to lend them to them
with the caveat that I know where they are are for my next tour
in Europe which may be as soon as next summer so I don't have to
repurchase them.

Additionally,  Bill Walker bought a good 220-110 converter for the
Y2K LIVE LOOPING FESTIVALS in Northern California (which will be placed
equidistant from the two performance stages at Y2K8 for anyone coming over
from Europe, Asia or the UK  so please don't buy one unnecessarily if
you are coming to perform.

I'm not sure of my touring schedule for next summer but I think I will be
in Scandinavia probably before I am at the Antwerp, Rome and Athens looping
festivals that are being planned but
maybe we can work something out and , certainly,  when I arrive
in Antwerp, Rome and Athens,  everyone from the US and Canada is welcome to
use my units for the entirety of the festivals.

One last thought:

It might be a really cool thing, if people can afford it,  for the people 
who tend
to put on looping festivals and performances to purchase a transformer to 
keep on

The transformer is a  MAJOR headache when you are trying to get around on 
trains, buses,
subways and cars, let alone airplanes so it would be cool if we could
do something like that.

speaking of said devil,  I'm going to start a new thread.