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Re: Controlling the EDP and LP1 together,which footcontroller?

Although I dont have a LP1, I do kow the FCB rather well, and I do
find this very strange. The basic issue is what type of messages do
you need to send to the LP1. I dont have the manual to hand, but if it
is Program changes or CC's then there should be no conflict. The EDP
almost exclusively uses note on off messages (as you know having
programmed your fcb to do this) Now the interesting thing about the
LP1 is its "midi learn" function, and I think that is where the
problem lies. Instead of the box (LP1) deciding and telleing you how
you should set the FCB, the LP1 is asking, "What do you want to use to
control THIS fucntion" Very handy. BUT if you send it a message that
includes a not on off, then the LP1 surely ignores that and uses the

Solution: Not certain here you understand, make sure you get some more
responses first befor embarking on this:

For all the pedals that you want use with the LP1, do a very rough
check as to what is already set on that pedal, so Long Press DOWN,
short press UP, long press on all pedals that light up that are NOT cc
(or PGM ch, whcih ever the LP1 wants) and MAKE SURE THAT NOTE ON OFF
info is TURNED OFF, that pedal 10. Save and exit.
Do that for all the pedals in your LP1 Bank, THEN do the midi learn
thing for each pedal.

This way you should find that the LP1 learns to use commands that DONT
have an associted NOTE command.

Hope this helps... I might be wrong,  DO A TEST!!


On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 10:27 AM, L.A. Angulo <labaloops@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I recently acquired a looperlaitve which i am still getting familiar 
> I was having a terrible time trying to control the LP1 with my fcb1010, 
>which has been programmed to work with the EDP.After contacting Bob who 
>pointed out that an EDP programmed fcb1010 is known to conflict with the 
>controlling of the EDP i saved all my programing into a sysex file and 
>restored the fcb1010 to its factory presets.Now the LP1 responds perfect!
> But i am puzzled about this,i checked all of the fcb1010 programing with 
>ripwerx,global settings,every bank,patch midi info etc. but the 2 untis 
>still dont harmonized well when controlled with the fcb1010.Could it be 
>that it conflicts because the fcb1010 is globally set to send note 
>messages to be able to control the EDP?is anybody controlling both of 
>this units with the fcb1010 succesfully?
> also i am realising that the fact that the LP1 has endless capabilities 
>and independent tracks a footcontroller with a big bright screen is 
>almost a must...
> Ever since i got the LP1 i find myself looking at the gordius big giant 
>every day!
> Luis