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Controlling the EDP and LP1 together,which footcontroller?

Hi folks,
I recently acquired a looperlaitve which i am still getting familiar with.
I was having a terrible time trying to control the LP1 with my fcb1010, 
which has been programmed to work with the EDP.After contacting Bob who 
pointed out that an EDP programmed fcb1010 is known to conflict with the 
controlling of the EDP i saved all my programing into a sysex file and 
restored the fcb1010 to its factory presets.Now the LP1 responds perfect!
But i am puzzled about this,i checked all of the fcb1010 programing with 
ripwerx,global settings,every bank,patch midi info etc. but the 2 untis 
still dont harmonized well when controlled with the fcb1010.Could it be 
that it conflicts because the fcb1010 is globally set to send note 
messages to be able to control the EDP?is anybody controlling both of this 
units with the fcb1010 succesfully?
also i am realising that the fact that the LP1 has endless capabilities 
and independent tracks a footcontroller with a big bright screen is almost 
a must...
Ever since i got the LP1 i find myself looking at the gordius big giant 
every day!