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Re: new/cool USB footcontrollers?

Not sure what you're controlling (forgive me, just skimming these days) but since I don't see "MIDI" in the subject line I just have to mention the wireless USB footswitch that's pretty much become the hub of my set up. It goes straight to keystrokes, not midi. 

Don't know if that helps you but it's a super cool new USB footcontroller for sure and I love the thing. 

I think I love it because the editor makes it so simple to set up and change around whereas MIDI gives me headaches. So, I guess that's another question for you/everyone... which one comes with the easiest to use editor or what's the best editor, if you have to be stuck with MIDI instead of key strokes, that is. 


On Aug 18, 2008, at 4:51 PM, GORDIUS info wrote:

Coincidence... I was just emailing William Walker about this at this very moment : the Little Giant is not USB-powered unfortunately. I'll just copy-and-paste what I was explaining to Bill :
Main problem is that with the high brightness LEDs the LG draws more current than what's allowed for a low-power USB device. The USB protocol allows me to define the LG as a "high power" device which can draw up to 500mA, but that would require the LG to go into some kind of power saving mode (dimming all LEDs) whenever you try to plug in the USB cable, and only go back to full power after the PC has recognized the hardware correctly. My first prototype was USB powered, without all this logic implemented, so I fried the internal USB ports of my laptop, making it pretty unusable... that's when I decided using USB power was not a bright idea for the LittleGiant.... ;-)

Jeff Duke wrote:
001001c90189$a65363c0$0202a8c0@YOUR08D5303051" type="cite">How 'bout http://www.gordius.be/ the Gordius little giant?


On Aug 18, 2008, at 11:40 AM, George Ludwig wrote:

It was entirely powered by the USB bus, and fed MIDI data to the computer via USB.

This one was on the LD recently:
http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Rolls-MP128-MIDI-Buddy-Pedal? sku=701180

uses midi phantom power, not usb though.




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