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Re: pix

Sean thanks - the Nave pix were photographed by my Chinapainting compadre Daryl [Shawn] and our fellow Nave of the evening Tim Nelson.  Re the oud it's a new passion but digging it particulary the next to last bass strings, seomthing about it's "whoop" that just kicks even on my cheap one.  I don't know the first two you mention but ironically was given a copy of an ECM CD with Anouar Brahem by a guitar student of mine that I just love, have been listening to over and over again.  Will search the others out thanks for the info...
Good to hear from another southern, though I left my crossroads of Arkansas Delta meets the Ozarks hills in early 91 for my now home in NY (Brooklyn) I grew up in the White River Valley 120 miles from Memphis and miss it more and more as the years pass.  Strangely I used to think that my southern traditions had little to do in my muse but more and more I feel more attached to the haunts of the Arkansas Delta...
Thanks again re the oud...

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The pics are great & I to love the oud.  Some artists you may want to check out if you havent already: Rabih Abou-Khalil, Dhaffer Youssef (pretty sure he does some oud looping), and Anouar Brahem.  Looking forward to hearing some…


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