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Hello from Memphis & DOES YOUR TOURING RIG...

Hello everyone,


I just joined the list in the last couple of days and figured I should introduce myself.  I have a degree in Ethnomusicology and I am a multi-instrumentalist, instrument-maker, and educator.  I’m based in Memphis but do a fair amount of traveling (mostly in the US thus far) to teach workshops and perform.  My company, Being:Art, has a line of instruments developed for outdoor classrooms that we sell throughout the US.  My interest in looping grew with my interest in composition and the evergrowing number of instruments I play.  To answer the question about the home rig/traveling rig that is currently being discussed…


Many instruments (incl. Tuba, didjeridu, doson’goni, ethnic flutes & whistles, world percussion, Tibetan bowls, voice, etc.) > Shure SM-98A & SM-81 > Tapco Mixer > EH 16 second (reissue) thru the effects send/return on the mixer > Bose PAS system.  The only difference between the home and touring rig would be changing out any number of instruments based on what I need & I generally don’t travel with the Bose b/c I’ve had luck borrowing/renting in the past (Bose has a pretty decent network setup for owners to share/rent systems). 


The EH 16 has been great for creating ambient sounds but doesn’t lend itself to rhythmic work.  I recently played a show with William Eaton and I dug his Jamman setup so much that I just bought one on Ebay.  It’ll be here at the end of the week.  We’ll see how it gets incorporated into the rig.


I'd like to just say that I've only been on this list for a couple of days and I really dig how active the discussions are, how varied the topics are, and I dig the general positive vibe thus far.  It's great to meet you all! 


If you’re interested in learning more about what I do, you can find plenty of info at the links below.



Sean Murphy

Being:Art LLC