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Re: pix

Rick thanks so much.  It's becoming a bit of my standard instrument fare (the oud) and I've been rather jazzed about it the last few months so yes re using it at Y2K.  I may take you up on a loan though I'm flying with it this week to Santa Fe and will see how it goes re the airlines being friendly to it.  Most of my experiences thusfar traveling with instruments has been better than not.  Coming back from CA last Oct Jet Blue was amazingly accomodating out of Sacramento.  They let me on the cabin with all three instruments which prior to that I was being allowed one and checking the other two naturally.  In theory the oud is pretty portable and I think will fit overhead but the bowl back may be bigger than I think.  For the recent Boston show I took a Chinatown bus out of NY to Boston and got on with my guitar/manolin/oud/gig bag/box of CD's and a bottle of wine [see note below] and such to say don't think the passengers and bus operator were overjoyed to see me.  The whole trip I cradled the oud in my lap and chest as a new baby.
My journey to the oud began two years ago when I decided to explore fretless and found my present fretless guitar on eBay, an Adamas lookalike with steel strings.  Over these two years I've been a bit of a mix of a 'kid in a fretless candy store' and a bit of similar to you re just digging exploring other instruments.  In the last year from an initial fathers day gift a year ago I got equally jazzed with the violin and gained some ground while strangling the cat as they say.  Last winter on a lark and maybe it was calling me as it appears I started looking for lower-end ouds (my norm budget) and found this one https://www.neweratreasures.com/index.asp?page=Products&item=104  For the money $238 it's been pretty solid.  It's Turkish style which is slightly 'thinner' top to the Arabic style and I'm using one of several 'Turkish' tunings, low to high strings EABEAD.  
Re looping with it though still my playing is more non-looped than looped I recently got another new toy that brings me closer to this community, an EHX 2880 which I just began to scratch the surface on the recent Chinapainting shows so by Y2K time yes there should be some oud looping among other things from me.  Thanks to the encouragement of Jeff Duke on selecting this box.
I'll have a video up of Daryl, me, Tim, Dennis and Rob Byrd from our closing collab of the recent Nave show in Boston hopefully in the next day or two and others from that night to come.  It was truely a mini-east fest and was a great night musicially.  Attendance could have been better but that's always the case and as someone suggested to me the next day when I commented on that that in the end it's sometimes better to perform for a few than a crowd as it's a more connected experience both listener and performer.  Regardless the neatest part of the evening was it was as Daryl and I experienced a year ago this time, musicians who had known each other electronically and comign together to meet in person and perform music together.  Was a moving night.
Lastly and OT here but for any list members who are wine lovers I've recently begun representing a friend of mine who is a small lot northern California maker and doing some marvelous creations of reds.  He's in Lodi near Sacramento.  Learn more about his winemaking, M2 Wines at www.m2wines.com.  Chinapainting played a tasting at his winery last October and we are booked again this coming trip on Sat., Oct. 18th.
Look fwd to seeing you in October and thanks re the oud offer as well as inviting us back to Y2K.

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 7:29 AM, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:
Oooooh, oooooh, oooooh,  ooooooh,
Are you going to bring your Oud to the Y2K8 Festival,  Jim?

I have one you can borrow if you want, with a really good Shertler pickup you can borrow as well if transporting that delicate thing is tough.

I'd love to hear you loop with it.

Nice pix,  guys.

This looks like it was wonderful gig.


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