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Re: Echoplex DPP and stereo

Per, thanks for the reply. A "stereo creating device", and/or a creative routing configuration, is exactly what I'm looking for. 
Hmmm, I've never heard of a filter bank before. How did you change your setup after you disposed of it?
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>> Surely there's a way to extract a stereo configuration from that
>> one mono output? My concern is to get a good, full sounding stereo
>> image, especially for studio work, and I'm prepared to invest in more gear
>> if need be. So far the results have been poopy.
>> Have any of you tackled this dilemma? Any ideas would be most welcome.
>> Thanks,
>> Joshua
> HI,
> For a while I used to put my EDP mono output signal through a filter
> bank that created a stereo signal. That was an awesome stereo sound,
> but I had to sell the filter bank in order to keep other gear and
> repair things that broke down. As for your setup, any stereo creating
> devise that you like can be used.
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