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It was such a treat to hear you work that big rig, Michael. When the 
next East Coast fest happens, even if it's not in Pitt I hope we can 
find a way for you to get this stuff there.

My rig is the same, I just carry the same two cassette decks, though I 
now have a couple punch-in pedals scattered in safe houses as they're 
heavy for their size. Last year for Y2k, I went for convenience and used 
a different Tascam and a new Dictaphone, and found it very frustrating 
not to have the same setup I've spent so many hours getting to know.

On my summer tour, I cut way back on clothing and just did laundry every 
week, saving suitcase space for gear. Even so, inevitability one 
accumulates crap on the road, so for flights I'd take a really large 
laptop bag plus the Traveler and a small box as carry-ons. I put all the 
heaviest things (cables, pedals, etc) in these carry-ons, since there's 
no weight check and my suitcase was maxed out. I think it's key to make 
use of the travel-on allowance.

I'm using the little Traveler guitar for live work now, and thus am now 
using it from home for Ninjam sessions, just so I can depend on knowing 
the same setup wherever I'm playing. For me, anyway, I need to have the 
same deal. So if I make any future additions to my home rig, I'll be 
planning to have it be portable.

Daryl Shawn
> yes!.....touring rig:.....guitar > ineko > boomerang > ineko > fender 
> champ or p.a., maybe another little alesis box or 2.....BIG ROOM 
> RIG:.....guitar (buckers) >zoom 2100 > digi. space station > bitrman 1 
> > mackie 1202.....piezo (the guitar has 2 outs) > bitrman 2 > 
> 1202.....1 mic for glockenspiel, 1 mic for vocals, bamboo flutes etc > 
> 1202.....casio cz-5000 > alesis FAZE > 1202.....send 1 on 1202 > 
> eletrix: mo fx > filter factory > warp factory > ineko 1 > boomerang > 
> ineko 2 >1202.....send 2: vortex (thank you stanno!) > alesis 
> Q2.....then all out to srm 450s (2).....it's taken awhile to arrive at 
> this set-up