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"1314" - EDP + Ableton + Reason + MAX/MSP - Live Recording

Hi Guys & Gals,


Rick suggested I send out a few words to the LD community on a track I recorded recently. It is a live recording of a composition for live electric guitar and electronics. I’m using a DL4 and an EDP to loop the live guitar elements. The DL4 is there to create initial textures and the EDP is my main looper. The EDP syncs Ableton Live 6 with Reason rewired, providing drum loops and synthesizers. On top of that we have the live guitar feed being manipulated using Max/MSP patch. I'm using Infra Red, Pressure, and Motion Sensors, two of which are interfacing with Max/MSP via an Arduino board. The Infra Red sensor is using the object, "Granola" in Max/MSP. "Granola" was designed by Eric Lyon. The Pressure sensor is using a chain delay and the Motion Sensor is using "Jitter."The sensors are there merely to embellish the live guitar, mainly when soloing.


I have more info on the MAX/MSP elements, including video demonstrations @ http://rickygraham.blogspot.com

And the track is available for download via my MySpace page @ www.myspace.com/rickygraham

It’s the second track, “1314 live for the BBC.”


Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!




Ricky Graham