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it don't hurt to ask

i would be more than willing to cut short my "I'M TOO PRETTY FOR CALIFORNIA" tour, happining right now in my studio, to go to y2k8.....not to play but to bask in the unbridled fellowship of loopage.....is anyone from back here in the east (i'm in pittsburgh) thinking of driving out to cali?.....a road trip indeed.....let me know.....i have all the time in the world but no transport.....btb, any action on the north east hoedown?.....i could smack a lude samich and ride a bus to that gig.....:).....m
p.s. tim.....i loved the pix of the four of you at the church, 3 turned away interacting with their MACHINES and only one appearing to "play"

"one man, one oat!" OAT WILLY

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