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Re: Tapping into your musical/improvisational ideas and skills for my classroom!

> Other thoughts I had were using PVC pipe to make instruments  
> including a didgeridoo using beeswax for the mouth piece. http:// 
> www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Didgeridoo-out-of-PVC-Pipe Experiment with  
> drones and ostinato.

I fondly remember when Texas musician and innovator Steve Marsh  
performed with 2 other performers  in my record store / art gallery  
back in Dallas in the late 80s. Steve played a "modified" electric  
guitar, but also performed on an instrument of his own creation which  
was a full length, hollow body DOOR that he had built / attached some  
over sized string frets on, and had pick ups installed on the thing.  
He both strummed it  and also played like a dulcimer,
and even used it as a percussion instrument. And the other 2  
performers? One of them played a standard, non-modified electric bass
(and played it damned GOOD too!) and the drummer / percussionist  
performed only on a few 5 gallon plastic water bottles, and a small  

Their set was GREAT!   Those were the days...

But, can ya just imagine a BUNCH of different types of those custom  
built "door instruments" all gathered together as an ensemble?
I guess it could be called a "DOORCHESTRA"!   Har!  Hey!  Why not...!?

-Rev. Fever
Portland, OR