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Re: Tapping into your musical/improvisational ideas and skills for my classroom!

Several things that come to mind are to explore rhythmic ideas  
anybody can clap or stomp and bang on found objects.

Some rhythmic ideas ideas might  be gleaned from here http:// 
www.ancient-future.com/atfp.html  There's some stuff online as well  
as a book/CD you can order.

There is a pdf you can download and print of Terry Riley's in C that  
might be fun to try with a class.   http://www.otherminds.org/shtml/ 

On Aug 16, 2008, at 3:16 PM, margaret noble wrote:

> Hello Live Looper List!
> This is Margaret here, I chime in from time to time and am very  
> much looking forward to Y2K8 this October!
> In order addition to working as an artist, I teach high school.  
> This is my second year and my bread and butter, the good news is  
> that I love my job. I am designated as the sound production and  
> digital arts instructor. My school is founded on project based  
> learning, it is free to students and functions as a charter school.  
> If you are curious about the school, here is the link:
> http://www.hightechhigh.org/
> So, why am I reaching out to you all?
> Basically, I have free reign with my curriculum. I am about to  
> start a 10 week class with a group of 25 tenth graders. I want to  
> focus exclusively on sound, listening and musical movements (no  
> visual content). I plan on screening lots of documentaries and  
> presenting listening exercises for exposure and dialog.  
> Additionally, I want to have morning group improvisational  
> exercises. Maybe 5 minutes or so of performance, then record it and  
> play it back to class. It assumed that most  (maybe all) students  
> have absolutely no musical training thus the goal is to create  
> exercises where success is easy for the newbie. It is also assumed  
> that these kids definitely will have moments of shyness and/or  
> pressure to be cool thus  anything that goes too far might be  
> rejected.
> Here are some ideas I have for tools (suggestions, recommendations  
> based on super low budget please):
> - Having the students craft very cheap tonal single notes from  
> pipes for a tonal tool and having them create an atonal percussive  
> instrument (like shakers).
> - Sending an audio out from every classroom computer/midi  
> controller to a central mixer for computer based sounds  
> improvisational exercises.
> Now exercises: this is where I need alot of help with:
> - I am  thinking of hybrid versions of Steve Reich's  Music for 18  
> Musicians
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCZEckS5X94
> And just to throw one more curve ball out when considering this  
> course, I am no musical expert and have been getting by  with  
> production more than musicianship for my work.
> Ok, so there it is! I am looking for your input on listening  
> exercises (musical and purely sound-art), instrument construction,  
> improvisational warm-ups and even performance or recording projects.
> Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you all!!!!!
> http://margaretnoble.net/